Why Don’t I have A Jawline?

Not Everyone is Gifted with Chiseled and Bold Jawline. The structure of your jaw is Partially Depended on your Genetics. Your Genes play a great role in this. It is likely that If one of your Parents has good Jawline, You might have too. Another important role in the structure of your jaw is Tounge Positioning. In case you don’t have a good jawline it can be because from your childhood you didn’t have a good tongue structure. There is much research in the past year which tells us about the Correct tongue structure.  Body Fat is also an important factor that significantly affects your jawline. You must know that it’s not instant to get a jawline, It takes months and sometimes due to excessive exercise it might hurt in your jaws too! You can either lose the hope to get the chiseled jawline or get Started.


What is the Perfect Tongue Position?

In the past years, there have been many types of research which has shown us the best tongue position to have. This tongue Position has been practically and scientifically proved to significantly affect your Jawline and Give them a chiseled manly look. These changes might not be instant but will worth it!

Perfect Tongue Position-

  • Tounge Should Touch the Roof of the mouth
  • Lips Should be gently closed
  • Teeth should Slightly touch each other

sharp jaws


What mewing is? 

Mewing is the proper oral structure position that aims to improve your facial structure especially your jawline by altering your unconscious, resting tongue position. The tongue Posture I described above is what Mewing is.

Does Mewing Work?

Mewing not just affects your jawline but it can significantly improve your facial structure. Dr. Mew believes that restrictive growth and improper tongue posture affects our entire facial structure.

Benefits of Mewing-

  • Stronger Jawline and Cheekbones

  • Palate Expansion

  • Improve Swallowing

  • Increase Energy Levels

  • Improve Overall Posture

  • Improve Breathing system through nose

Natural Ways to Get Jawline

Smiling Can Build You a strong Jawline

smiling can improve jawline

Smiling is one of the best and easiest exercise which can help you to get a better jawline. It bring many muscles of your face especially from the lower jaw in movement. Smile is more common to some people than the rest. Other than to improve jaw structure. Smiling can Significantly change your mood and can bring a good effect. There is No possible Adverse effect of Smiling. You can do it anywhere and anytime. And the last thing “What’s Even wrong in Smiling?

  • Drink More Water can reduce fat and get you a bold Jawline

drink water to lose fat

Water plays an important role in getting your chiseled and better jawline. other than this water is known for numerous benefits. Water plays an important role in losing weight. Fat is an important factor that can reduce the visibility of your jawline so reducing fat it necessary if you want to get the bold Jaws. Here is the table below depicting the amount of water you should drink every day. Divide the consumption on your complete day.

WeightOunces of Water Daily
190 pounds127 ounces
200 pounds134 ounces
210 pounds141 ounces
220 pounds148 ounces
  • Consume Less Salt and it will worth it

How to get jawline

Get Jawline quickly – Best Guide to Get Chiseled Jawline

Salt is necessary for our daily diet but salt has several adverse effects on our health. Accumulation of salt makes the skin dehydrated and reduces the bloating. Salt has several other bad effects on our skin. A small step towards your daily diet to reduce the consumption of salt can bring good results in a long time. It might be hard in beginning but You will get used to it soon.

  • Get Good Sleep Everyday

How to get jawline

Sleeping is an important practice to keep your body and mind fresh and active. It is said to have at least 8 Hours of Sleep to keep the body healthy. Generally, people avoid sleep due to their work or late night movies. It can be short-time fun but can have big adverse effects in a long time. Lack of sleep results in less energy release and a reduction in the metabolism of the person. So try to sleep at least 8 hours a day if you want to have a sharp Jawline.

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  • Stop Smoking

How to get jawline

Smoking is one of the worst addiction someone can get. The addiction of smoking can lead to cancer and lot many diseases and even death. We are all aware of the fact that smoking not just affect the smoker but also the people from his sorrounding. Just like Overconsumption of salt and dehydration, Smoking also plays an important role in your jawline.It is quiet hard to get over the addiction but if you try then slowly you will see the changes in your body. This will significantaly boost your enthusiasm to come over this addiction. If You want to get jawline quickly then this would be an important step.

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What Can I do to Get Jawline Instantly?

As I mentioned earlier getting Jawline is a time taking process but there are ways through which you can get jawline in a very short span. That is- 

Jawline Surgery- 

Jaw Plastic Surgery which is also known as orthognathic surgery is the surgery in which the jaws are realigned or adjusted to attain the best jaw posture. It can significantly affect your jawline. Many of the celebs have gone through this surgery to improve their jaw structure.Jaw surgery is appropriate for the age when the growth stops, which is ages 14 to 16 years for females and ages 17 to 21 years for males.

Some More Benefits of Jaw Surgery-

  • Make Biting and chewing of the person easier
  • Correct the problems in chewing and speech
  • Reduce the breakdown and collision of teeth
  • Repair facial injury or birth defects
  • Improve the ability of lips to close softly

Cons of Getting a jawline Surgery

  • High Cost- The Jawline surgery costs between $20,000- $40,000. The price depends upon the present condition of the jaws and the changes needed. The prices may highly differ from country to country.
  • Pain- The pain after the surgery might last for several months. The surgeon also provides some medicines to cover this pain

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