Face Pulling

What Is Face Pulling?

Face Pulling is an exercise that is believed to improve your Jaw Structure way faster than other jaw exercises and chewing gums. There have been several discussions on the Forum Regarding the results. It is considered to be more effective than following the correct tongue position, which is Mewing.

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How To do Face Pulling

In Short

While Facing a high pulley with a rope or dual handles attached to it, pull the weight directly towards your face while separating your hands as you do so. Keep your upper arms parallel to the ground.

Briefly explained

Face Pulling Requires cable machines to be done. But in case you don’t have a cable machine, you can do the exercise with a resistance band. But you have to make sure that the point you use to connect the resistance band is stable enough. Take your hands out to either side as you pull the band towards your face Now add the pull apart by which you will be able to hit a lot of muscles in your upper back and shoulder which are usually hard to hit. This makes this exercise a very useful One

Face Pulling

Here Is a Video Tutorial to do Face Pulling

This video explains completely how to do face-pulling, in case you need some picture guide then here is an article on coachmag about it.

Cable Machine

You know the cable machine is very necessary to do this exercise. Here is my list of best cable machines from amazon. I made this list according to the average customer Review

Recommended Supplements

Several users on The Great Work forum have suggested the intake of vitamin K2 MK4 while face pulling. Vitamin K2 Helps in increasing bone mineral density and growth. Mk4 is the best form of Vitamin K2 due to its high absorption rate.

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